"Wine is bottled poetry."

-Robert Louis Stevenson


                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Glass     Bottle

Local wines from Sean Thackery  

Lyra '11: a full bodied dry viognier with hints of pear-apple, honey and roes petal. 52

La Pleiade I: a full bodied Rhone style blend with white peach, honey, grapefruit and floral notes 12 45


Miner '10: Medium bodied, soft toasted oak, caramel, fuji apple, lush lingering finish 55

J. Lohr '11: Full-bodied, ripe fruit,golden apple, creamy vanilla, soft mouthfeel, lingering finish 10 40

Georges Deboeuf Macon-Village '11: Medium Bodied, light minerality, hints of tart green apples 8 32

Coppola 'Diamond Collection' '11: Medium Bodied, soft oak, hints of apple, caramel and spice 10 40

Coast Cafe House '11: Medium bodied with light oak, clean and crisp   6 26

Fume Blanc/Sauvignon Blanc

Oyster Bay '12: Full bodied, assertive, tart nectarine, pink grapefruit, lingering finish 9 36

Coast Cafe House '11: Medium bodied, pink grapefruit, light spice, and refreshing finish 7 30


Pacific Rim Dry Riesling'12: Medium bodied, classic nectarine, orange, mineral finish 8 32

Something a little different 

Sauvion Muscadet sevre-et-maine '10: Medium bodied, dry, with fresh salt air in every sip 10 40

Gabbiano Pinot Grigio '11: Pear, citrus and mineral, smooth finish 9 36

Waterbrook Sangiovese Rose "11: Red grapefruit, tart peach and rose petal, hints of spice 7 30

Sparkling wines

Taittinger La Francaise '(NV): Medium bodied, with hints of toasted almond and vanilla 50

Mumm Napa Brut Prestige (NV): Dry, lush fruit, hints of caramel and apple 40

Freixenet Brut Cordon Negro Cava (NV): Dry, tart apple,meyer lemon and lingering finish 6 26


Local wines from Sean Thackery

Pleiades XXII Old Vines: an earthy, fragrant, fruity, Rhone style blend and local favorite 12 45

Sirius Petite Sirah '09: Full bodied, earthy with black cherry, soft leather,smoke and long finish 65

Andromeda Pinot Noir '09: Devil's Gulch Ranch. Black cherry, sweet oak, cedar, full finish 80

Orion '10: Intensely flavored fruit from 1905 california vines, Rhone style blend. Big and lush 100

Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Blends

Cosentino Winery Meritage 'The Poet' '06: Medium bodied, tart cherry, cedar,earthy, balanced finish 60

Sterling Meritage (Limited Release) '07: Full bodied, supple black cherry, nutmeg, toasted oak 50

Coppola Claret 'Diamond Collection' '10: Full bodied with soft oak, lush fruit, licorice, smoke and spice 10 42

Daniel Gehrs '10: Full bodied, supple black cherry, nutmeg, toasted oak 50

Coast Cafe House '10: Medium bodied, blackberries and cherries with light spice and light tannins 6 26

Merlot and Merlot Blends

Alta Luna Phases '09: Full bodied, brambly blackberries, bing cherry, plum and spice 50

Mont Gras Reserve '12: Full bodied, smokey roasted meat, blackberries, black pepper and light tannins 10 40

Santa Rita Reserve '10: Medium bodied, black plum, black cherry, tobacco and spice 10 40

Coast Cafe House '10: Medium bodied, touches of vanilla, plum and spice 6 26

Pinot Nior

Argyle '11: Full bodied, black cherry, ripe raspberry, savory and elegant 50

Beringer '10: Full bodied, black cherry, cranberry, licorice and hints of clove 10 40

Coast Cafe House '10: Medium bodied, cinnamon, cherry, and vanilla with a smooth finish 9 36

Syrah, Syrah Blends, petite Sirah

J. Lohr '11: Full bodied, blackberry, fruity, toastes oak and a lingering finish 10 40

Concannon '09: Medium bodied light tannins, earthy 7 30


Cline 'Ancient Vines' '10: Medium bodied, black cherry, strawberry and dark chocolate 35

Beringer '11: Ripe berry, chocolate, cherry with a lingering finish 8 32

Coast Cafe House '10: Medium bodied, fruity, lots of berry and hints of spice 7 28

Something A Little Different

Shypoke Charbono '09: Medium bodied, smokey, meaty, tart berries with light spice and a lingering finish 45

Gabbiano (Chianti DOCG) '10: Medium bodied with tart fruit, spice and light tannins 8 32

Spanish Vines Crianza Tempranillo '09: Rustic, wild berries, pepper, lingering finish 9 36

Navarro Correas Privada Malbec '11: Medium-bodied, full ripe fruit, espresso and spice 9 36